The Haven Spa provides quality treatments.

A wide selection of massages, facials and body scrubs. In all of our massages we use the highest quality creams and cold pressed oils. We use the finest luxury essential oils for aromatherapy and hot stones.


We offer specialized treatments like Lymphatic Drainage, Physical Therapy, Holistic Nutrition and more. Our team is trained in the USA, Canada, Britain and Panama to provide safe and enjoyable experiences.


Here’s a list of our treatments, massages and facials.

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Two special treatments

Indulgence duo

A full body relaxation massage plus a sublimely relaxing facial (85 minutes).

Extra treat trio

Mind body & your soles / three treatments head to toe 1) facial 2) neck 3) foot and leg massage, experience a new you (90 minutes).

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Massage therapy

Relaxation massage

Sense your whole body unwinding as you drift into a state of peace and tranquility (55 minutes).

Hot stone massage

Experience the smooth warm stones gliding over your muscles melting away your stress, tension, tiredness, aches and pains (55 minutes).

Aromatherapy massage

Float away in a blend of therapeutic aromas, soothe the senses with various essential oils (55 minutes).

Deep tissue massage

Float away in a blend of therapeutic aromas, soothe the senses with various essential oils (55 minutes).

Sport massage

This isn’t just for athletes, it is also good for people with injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of motion. Concentrates on any problem areas and includes stretching (55 minutes).

Foot and leg massage

Relaxation massage on your feet and legs, lifting the tension from your body, float on air (45 minutes).

Head in the clouds

Lavish with a back, neck and head massage plus a cleansing relaxing facial (55 minutes).

Body treatments

Totally spoil yourself

Pure bliss, four treatments in one: Body brush, body scrub and warm shower. Head and foot massage. Facial. Body massage with essential oils (120 minutes).

Exquisite body scrub plus massage

Rejuvenating, cleansing body scrub with sea salt and essential oils + a relaxing facial (55 minutes).

Thera-pampic wrap

Pure blend of essential oils to indulge the senses.Body brush, body scrub, shower, wrap, aromatherapy massage (90 minutes).


Facials for various skin types using 100% natural products, up to 95% organic ingredients from the USA.

Please note we do not do extractions.


Cleansing, relaxing, toning, uplifting (45 minutes).

Face rejuvenation

Face rejuvenation naturally stimulating muscles to lift and tones encouraging collagen production, reducing wrinkles and regenerating the skin (55 minutes).


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